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For both traditional and renewable energy-generation industries – coal, nuclear, solar and wind – Mobil™ industrial lubricants and high temperature grease are designed to help enhance equipment reliability and uptime. Beginning with the dawn of the electrical power generation industry, we have 150 years of industry experience and expertise and offer a wide range of standard-setting solutions and services.
Mobil industrial lubricants for coal power plants are engineered to perform even in the most extreme conditions with the high temperature grease performing with peak efficiency even in high temperature and heavy load, wet, dusty conditions.
We have the best high temperature grease in India with gas turbine oil and energy lubricants that are backed by years of industry experience. Mobil industrial lubricants offers a specially formulated high performance, high temperature grease lubricants for your critical equipment needs.
To help you meet the ongoing challenges of your industry, our engineer work closely with equipment builders to gain insights into their requirements in a high temperature lubricant.
Explore our range of energy lubricants including high temperature grease and gas turbine oils that perform even at low and high temperatures providing a robust wear, rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Natural Gas Engine

    Natural Gas Engine

    Explore our range of products to find the best oil for your natural gas engine

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  • Coal


    The right industrial lubricants can increase your coal power plant’s productivity and efficiency. Learn how Mobil™ industrial lubricants can help.

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  • gas turbine blades

    Gas turbines

    Explore our range of products to find the best oil for your Gas Turbines

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  • Wind energy

    Wind energy

    Trust Mobil SHC™ industrial synthetic lubricants to help keep your wind turbines running at peak efficiency for many years in demanding conditions.

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    Our Products

    Mobil™ lubricants are designed to protect equipment operating under severe conditions, such as loads and pressures, frequent starts and stops, wide operating temperature ranges and contamination.