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Our commitment to sustainability

Our role in enabling human progress is important to us and our customers. Working together, we can create real, positive progress to help the world thrive.

  From 2011 to 2020, we reduced the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions across our base stock producing refineries by over 9%.1

  Our extended life lubricants such as Mobil SHC™ Gear 320 WT can help minimize the need for product and packaging disposal.2

  Mobil DTE™ premium hydraulics have earned more than 1,000 equipment builder approvals around the globe and can potentially offer energy-efficiency benefits.3

  MobilServ™ Cylinder Condition Monitoring helps optimize cylinder oil feed rates to reduce consumption and emissions for your fleet.4

1 ExxonMobil internally sourced emissions data; 2 Mobil SHC™ Gear 320 WT; 3 Mobil DTE™ hydraulic oils; 4 Mobil Serv℠ Cylinder Condition Monitoring

  Our Global Lubricants Operations Network earned a Zero Waste to Landfill, silver level, validation from Underwriters Laboratories. Each year, we divert more than 90% (50,000 tons) of lubricant operations waste away from landfills and redeploy it into new, productive uses.5

  Mobil’s lubricant pails in India have 50% Post Consumer Resin (PCR). Additionally, we are working to increase PCR content in our packaging at a global scale.6

  Our relationship with Earth911 in North America, which has been in place for a number of years now, provides locations where consumers can recycle used motor oil containers.7

  In the US, we are piloting a program to conveniently collect and recycle lubricants-related product packaging.

5 ExxonMobil’s global lubricant operations receive Zero Waste to Landfill Silver validation; 6 Compliance details contained within packaging supplier contract; 7 Earth 911

  Mobil products are used in approximately 25% of all wind turbines worldwide.9

  Mobil SHC 918 EE product, developed in collaboration with GE for GE 7HA, 9HA, 6FA.01, and 7FA gas turbines, has the potential to dramatically improve turbine bearing efficiency by up to 15 percent compared to conventional ISO VG 32 turbine oils, reducing overall energy consumption. 10

  If more cars in the U.S. used Mobil 1, 1.8millon tonnes of CO2 emissions could be avoided. 11

9 Based on 2017 Navigant study and internal data; 10 ExxonMobil and GE Launch Advanced Co-Branded Turbine Oil Capable of Increasing Bearing Efficiency by 15 Percent; 11 Assuming that passenger cars in the US using higher viscosity grade (e.e. 5W-30) switch to a lower viscosity Mobil 1 (e.e. 0W-20) and obtains fuel economy benefits consistent with results tested in the API Sequence VIE fuel economy test. Calculations based on EPA greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator and on average U.S. vehicle statistics including CAFÉ requirements for new vehicle fuel economy (MPG).

  Mobil has a variety of Mechanic Advocacy Programs that help upskill professionals who are early in their careers. For example, in Mexico, Mobil has introduced a new app for mechanics that gives them access to education and tools that help them build stronger and more resilient businesses.

  We’re also helping drivers and small business owners become more successful with programs like “Driver Nivaas” that offer truck drivers in India safe and clean rest-stops for their long journeys and “Mobil Delvac Trella,” which brings freight matching opportunities to Egyptian owner-operators and small fleets, helping grow their business.

  Mobil offers services that reduce human and machine interface, including Mobil Serv™ Equipment Reliability Studies that help reduce “mean time between failures” or repairs to machinery.12

  In our own operations, we’re focused on achieving a work environment where “Nobody Gets Hurt.”

12 Mobil Serv℠ Services

PCR Pails

Sustainability for your business

Mobil knows your business. And we understand that you want your business to be sustainable - environmentally, economically and socially. Let’s work together to create real, positive progress.
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Lubricants have always been fundamental to helping the world move.

At Mobil, we recognize that movement isn’t just about making cars run smoothly.
It’s about helping people, businesses and communities thrive as the world evolves.

Here are some of the ways we strive to help you reach your sustainability goals:

  • Enabling you to go longer between oil changes and improving your vehicle’s efficiency
  • Innovating ecofriendly motor oils that can help you use less fuel
  • Delivering packaging that can help reduce waste
  • Optimizing your supply chain with circularity solutions
  • Converting waste to value
  • Enabling safer operations with less machine maintenance and intervention

Additional sustainability resources

Download corporate material and view our sustainability report.