We work side by side with you through our expert Mobil Serv℠ technical services to provide insights that give your business an operational advantage.
What is Mobil Serv℠?
Designed to complement our world-class Mobil lubricants, our extensive range of expert Mobil Serv technical services including heavy equipment service and steam turbine maintenance and service are designed to help operations optimize their equipment maintenance programs and machine availability so they can achieve their goals in safety, environmental care and productivity.
Mobil Serv™ lubricant analysis
Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis

Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis can save you as much as 66 percent of your sampling time while providing the lubricant oil analysis you need to keep your equipment productive and minimize costly repairs.* The program is designed to help save time and money, while boosting equipment reliability and productivity. Find out how it can help your operation.

*This performance is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results may vary.

msla grease services
MSLA Grease
With grease testing becoming more common, MSLA Grease can offer additional insights that will enhance equipment life. Leveraging the same trusted MSLA platform for your grease analysis, MSLA Grease can conduct six tests from one gram of grease sample. This convenient exercise enables problem identification before occurrence, minimizing unscheduled downtime to improve productivity throughout.

Mobil Serv℠ services

Mobil Serv lubrication services are provided by a world-wide, world-class network of experts with access to the vast knowledge amassed through more than a century of experience in the lubrication of industrial equipment, as well as more than a century of working with OEMs. Not all services are available for all sectors or in all regions. Download a chart listing all of our services or use the list below.

  • Oil Sensors

    Mobil Serv℠ Real Time

    Our next-gen oil condition monitoring tool maximizes business uptime and saves significant costs. 

  • Bearing inspection

    Expert analysis of plant bearings can be used to guide system adjustments to help enhance productivity.

  • Gas and steam turbine extended service analysis

    Engineers provide extensive testing to support equipment reliability decisions for critical turbine applications.

  • Thermography inspection 

    Expert thermographic inspections can help avoid operational downtime by identifying potential equipment and lubricant issues.

  • Plant study

    Experts assess current lubricants, lubrication requirements and practices to identify areas where a change could improve performance. 

  • Lubrication recommendation 

    Experts help you select the proper lubricants for your equipment to help minimize costly maintenance and repairs.  

  • On-site lubricant analysis lab   

    This expert service helps mining customers through expedited reporting of world-class, on-site oil analysis. 

  • Gear inspection 

    Engineers analyze gears, bearings, lubrication, seals and housings of enclosed gears to help enhance equipment life. 

  • Root cause failure analysis

    Engineers investigate the root cause of equipment and lubricant failures to prevent future ones.

  • Lubrication training

    Experts train on-site personnel to build lubrication competency to help reach equipment reliability goals and solve problems.

  • Gas and steam turbine analysis

    Expert turbine analysis helps you detect premature wear and lubricant contamination to avoid costly downtime or repairs.

  • Engine inspection

    Using specialized tools, engineers inspect diesel engines to help you enhance equipment life and efficiency.

  • Energy efficiency study

    Experts evaluate how synthetic lubricants can help cut power-related costs, lessen carbon footprint and extend fluid life.

  • Hydraulic inspection

    Experts perform hydraulic inspections to help minimize equipment downtime and enhance system reliability.

  • Drain interval study

    Experts conduct thorough data analysis and periodic reviews to help operations optimize oil drain intervals.