Longer engine life means a greater peace of mind. The purpose of engine oil is to ensure smooth running of your bike or car and help tackle engine wear and breakdown. Our range of Mobil™ oils are tried and tested to deliver optimum engine performance in different conditions. With Mobil, you can give your vehicle the care it deserves.
Browse through our range of Mobil products to find out the engine oil best suited for your vehicle.
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    Each bottle of oil is the product of years of research and development. Find a range of engine oils suitable for your car, keeping your engine protected in all conditions.

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  • Bike and scooter

    Choose from a variety of engine oils for your bike or scooter. Explore a range of engine oils spanning across different riding demands.

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  • Bus and truck

    Keep your truck, bus or fleet protected with high-quality engine oils. Select the right oil for your heavy-duty vehicle and reap the benefits with Mobil™.

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    Browse through a range of Mobil™ campaigns running in India

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  • Redbull Racing Honda


    Mobil 1™ – Race proven since 1978

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