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Mobil™ greases

Mobil™ greases – whether conventional or synthetic – offer:
  • Long regreasing intervals
  • Enhanced equipment life
  • Exceptional protection even in extreme conditions
Available in a broad range of NLGI grades and fluid viscosities for a variety of applications, Mobil greases are designed to help you:
  • Maximize equipment reliability and performance
  • Minimize costs and waste
  • Boost productivity

Find the grease appropriate for your application by using our Mobil™ grease applications guide.

  • Hydraulics bearing icon

    Mobil Polyrex™ EM series

    Super-premium Mobil Polyrex™ EM Series greases are specially formulated for electric-motor bearings.

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    Mobilith SHC™ series

    Multipurpose synthetic greases for severe applications. 370+ builders approvals or endorsements.

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    Mobilgrease™ XHP 220 series

    Durable premium greases for heavy-duty applications. Globally recognized for outstanding performance.

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    Got grease questions?

    Choosing and using grease can get a little sticky. To make informed decisions, tap into our FAQ section to get answer to your queries.