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Air compressors

A good air compressor lubricating oil can add to the performance and longevity of the compressor and ensure a smooth start even in cold weathers. Synthetic compressor oils are usually preferred due to their capability to enable high performance in extreme temperatures.

The benefits of synthetic compressor lubricants are:

  • Extended oil service life
  • Prevention of formation of sludge that hinder performance
  • Aids cooler discharge of compressed air
  • Reduced re-lubrication
  • Higher flash points and auto ignition temperatures
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Factors to consider when choosing air compressor lubricant oil

A compressor’s oil viscosity requirement is one of the important factors that leads to the selection of the compressor oil. Other factors include:

  • Ability to reduce rust formation
  • Thermal oxidation stability
  • Water shedding capability

How to choose the right compressor lubricant

Your compressor needs a compressor oil that not only lubricates but also cools it. The features mentioned above can help you in making the right choice.

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Lubricants for Air compressors

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