Lubrication training

Lubrication experts provide necessary training to on-site personnel to build necessary lubrication knowledge and competency, helping to reach equipment reliability goals and solve problems. 

ExxonMobil field engineers conduct training sessions covering topics such as: lubricant function and composition, lubrication of bearings, gears and engines, and lubricant safety, storage and handling. They emphasize application and technical issues to create an awareness of the significant impact of lubrication practices — and apply the lubrication expertise of ExxonMobil lubricants to your practices. 
We work with you to:
  • Discuss a list of potential topics to obtain agreement on needs, priority, involvement, timing, business goals and key challenges 
  • Work out training program and facility needs with plant personnel 
  • Identify, select and extend invitations to attendees 
  • Confirm training plan and logistics 
Deliverable: Our knowledgeable personnel present well-prepared and professionally delivered training on lubrication topics and related maintenance issues — and also document the estimated value of that training. 
Common opportunity areas
  • Misapplication of lubricants 
  • High oil consumption 
  • Premature wear/failure of equipment 
  • Unscheduled downtime 
  • Improper storage and handling 
Safety, health and environment 
The ExxonMobil team will: 
  • Educate plant personnel on safety, health and environmental issues related to lubricants and lubrication practices 
  • Be available to conduct additional custom-tailored clinics (such a Storage and Handling) 
  • Strictly observe the site’s safety rules and ExxonMobil’s safety practices 
  • Verify equipment electrical and mechanical lockout, proper tagging and potential explosion hazards prior to working on or conducting demonstrations on equipment 
  • Provide recommendations to help reduce the hazards associated with spill, leakage and fire 
  • Provide applicable material safety data sheets for the lubricants supplied by ExxonMobil