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Mobil Serv℠ Real Time

Get instant alerts and actionable insights on oil maintenance

Mobil Serv Real Time is our next-gen oil condition monitoring tool that enables instant, remote access to detailed oil diagnostics. It provides a real-time data stream on oil health and alerts you as soon as issues are detected, allowing you to act quickly and save significant costs.
Oil Sensor

Protect your most critical assets and maximize business uptime with Mobil Serv Real Time:

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    Monitor oil remotely and continuously

    Updates and analyses are accessible via a live dashboard, without needing to wait for lab-based results or onsite visits.

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    Get the complete picture of oil health

    A new generation of technology measures your oil across multiple parameters, constantly, so that you receive more thorough analyses than ever.

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    Optimize Oil Drain Intervals

    Mobil Serv Real Time builds data trends quickly, allowing you to plan servicing in advance and use oil to the fullest before draining.

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    Avoid equipment failure

    Receive immediate alerts when common causes of damage are detected and prevent them from getting out of hand.

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    Maximize asset utilization

    AI and machine learning converge with historic data to deliver actionable insights and recommendations that maximize productivity.

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    Increase business efficiency

    Shift from preventive to predictive maintenance, reducing downtime and saving on maintenance costs.

Gain a clear business advantage

Discover the benefits of real-time oil condition monitoring:
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