ExxonMobil recommends ABG – Shambhupura to use Mobil Rarus SHC 1025 for IR Screw Compressors to reduce SLOC (Specific Lube Oil Consumption), resulting in cost savings of INR 4,96,000.

Cement factory

Equipment: IR Screw Compressors
Plant: ABG Cement - Shambupura
Address: Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan
Aditya Birla was using 23 IR compressors to transfer instrument air and conveying materials. The IR compressors were being lubricated with a market general lubricant and were having SLOC of 10-12 litres with that product. This caused a greater demand for man machine interactions and elevated lubricant consumptions.

Based on the investigation and findings, ExxonMobil recommended the following:
  1. To switch to high thermal, oxidation resistant and cost effective product – Mobil Rarus SHC 1025 compressor oil to lower the SLOC up to 5-7 litres
  2. Implementation of Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis (MSLA) Services
  • Hour Exposure Reduction – 60 Hours
  • Environmental Improvement – 115 Litres
  • Revenue Improvement – INR 4,96,000
With the recommendations from ExxonMobil, ABG Cement, Shambhupra was able to reduce SLOC by 5 litres in each compressor by using Mobil Rarus SHC 1025 in their IR Screw Compressors.

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