Our history

For more than 150 years, we’ve helped customers around the world – and in every industry – to lower costs, improve productivity and enhance vehicle and equipment efficiency. Our focus on lubrication has given us a unique perspective in developing high-performance products and solving complex industry challenges.

A key source of our expertise is our work with the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Since 1914, our Equipment Builder Group has collaborated with OEMs to understand equipment trends and lubricant requirements, consult on lubrication system designs, and troubleshoot field lubrication challenges.

Our Equipment Builder commitment continues today, helping OEMs improve equipment design, build better lubricants and services, and provide a competitive advantage for our partners around the world.
  • motor oil evolution mobil synthetic oil

    The evolution of engine oil

    Each bottle of Mobil comes with years of experience and research. Know more about how we got here.

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  • mobil 1 40th anniversary synthetic motor

    One great oil. One great story.

    Know more about the history behind Mobil 1 and ExxonMobil’s roots in engineering.

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  • 150 years

    Celebrating 150 years of lubricant innovation

    We are proud to celebrate a major achievement, serving the world’s lubrication needs since 1866. Please join us and watch a video that recounts some of the key milestones along this amazing journey.

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