Hydraulic vane pump

Mobil DTE™ 20 Ultra Series

Introducing a breakthrough in hydraulic oil technology that delivers maximum productivity for your machines.

Approved by industry leaders, Mobil DTE™ 20 Ultra Series offers an exceptionally improved well-balanced performance to meet the demands of high-pressure and high-output hydraulic systems, delivering increased oil life, better wear protection and better deposit control in the process.
Learn how the new technology not only meets the latest industry specifications but provides exceptional balanced performance to help achieve productivity ambitions.
Watch the video to see how Mobil DTE 20 Ultra series hydraulic oils offer:
  • Extended Oil drain intervals
  • Extended Component life
  • Extended filter life
2x Oil Life, 72% Better Wear Protection, 89% Better Deposit Control
  • Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series oils have demonstrated up to 2 times longer oil drain intervals versus similar competitive oils (ISO VG 46 with a viscosity index around 100 and a zinc-based anti-wear system - meeting at least ISO 11158 (L-HM) and/or DIN 51542-2 (HLP type) requirements) in demanding Mobil Hydraulic Fluid Durability (MHFD) testing.
  • 72% lower wear than maximum limit for motor wear in BR RFT APU CL test (ISO VG 32).
  • 89.2% lower sludge formation than maximum limit of ASTM D 6158 by using ASTM D 2070 method (ISO VG 68).