Mobilcut is the trademark for Mobil Industrial lubricants line of high performance water miscible metal removal fluids. Formulated with leading edge base oils, additives, and emulsifiers, the Mobilcut series provides dependable performance in a wide array of metal removal processes. The products are designed to work in a variety of water qualities and offer low foam potential and long-term corrosion protection for machine and components. Low maintenance and inherently stable, Mobilcut products are designed for the modern machine shop where long service life, excellent machining performance and health and environmental concerns are important factors for increased productivity. These products are supplied in concentrated form and require mixing with water at the point of use.


Mobilcut 80 is a general purpose semisynthetic metalworking fluid, which when mixed with water forms a very stable micro emulsion. This product has a low oil content and as a result the emulsion is clear to translucent and is very stable in harder water upto 1000ppm, ensuring consistent quality parts production.



Features and Benefits


Advantages and Potential Benefits

Forms stable emulsions and solutions

Ease of use and maintenance

Low foaming potential

Improved performance even in high pressure systems

Resists formation of sticky residues

Improves machine cleanliness

Neutral Odor

Enhances the workplace environment

Compatible with high performance Mobil Vactra Oil No slideway lubricants

Easy separation and removal of tramp oil

Chlorine Free formulation

Ease of disposal and safer to use



This product is generally recommended for cutting most ferrous and some non-ferrous alloys in light to medium duty applications such as turning, milling, drilling and grinding.


Fluid Type:  Semi-synthetic

Diluted Appearance:  Translucent

Mineral Oil Content (in concentrate):  9%

Refractometer Correction factor:  2.4


Properties and Specifications


Appearance, Rating, PTM 100

Clear Amber Liquid

Specific Gravity at 15 C, PTM 103


Rust Protection, % v/v, PTM 108


pH at 5% DI Water, PTM 104



Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @