Car FAQs and tips

People have a lot to say about synthetic engine oils. Unfortunately, it's not always accurate. So, let's discover the truth behind some of the most common misconceptions about synthetic oils and your vehicle.
  • FAQs

    From understanding the benefits to clarifying the applications of synthetic engine oils, get answers to all frequently asked questions about synthetics.

  • Car care tips

    Here are some tips to keep your car in top condition, despite changing automobile demands. Find out how you can stay protected with Mobil 1.

  • What are synthetic oils?

    A synthetic lubricant contains more highly refined base oils than those used in conventional mineral oils, offering you superior protection and performance. Understand the benefits of using synthetic oils.

  • Importance of oil

    The demands placed on engine oils differ under different conditions. Your engine, being the heart of your vehicle, needs to be protected through varying environments. Learn the importance of the role synthetic engine oil plays in keeping your engine protected.

  • Myths about synthetic oils

    Though a lot is said about synthetic engine oils, only a fraction of it is true. Here are some facts to help demystify synthetic oils.

  • What does an engine oil really do?

    Understand how engine oils work and learn about the benefits of selecting the right engine oil for your vehicle.