pre-owned car

What you need to know about pre-owned

Buying and selling pre-owned cars is a practice that is becoming more popular every day due to its many advantages. One of which is that a pre-owned car can have many kilometers ahead.. But how do you know if it is in a good condition? And how do you take care of it to give it the best possible life? Here we tell you some important secrets!

How to choose a pre-owned?

You must know the condition of the car, not only how it looks on the outside and its general characteristics, but how its previous owners cared for it. If you have the opportunity, these are some of the questions you can ask the seller to learn more about the condition of the car:

  • Number of owners that the vehicle had
  • Mileage
  • If they have had to change any part and, if applicable, if it has been done with original spare parts
  • The type of oil and fuel that have been used for the car
  • Where and how often did the car receive maintenance services

You already have a pre-owned, what can you do to extend its life?

This is not a brand-new vehicle, so you may want to take a few extra precautions to extend its life. These are some:

Preventive Maintenance

This is the most practical way to detect and repair small damages before they grow into a multi-system problem. Constantly review levels and consult the instructions in your owner's manual.

Choose well what you want to give your car

Thanks to technological developments such as synthetic technology, there are products that can meet the specific needs of each engine, even pre-owned ones. If you want to extend the life of your engine, Mobil Super™ All-In-One Protection lubricant, a fully synthetic engine oil formulated with Heat Activated Anti-Wear™ molecules. So, the more your engine heats up, the harder Mobil Super™ protects and delivers improved fuel economy.

Trust your senses

Pay attention to the signals that your car gives. Pay close attention to the lights that appear on your dashboard, the noise in the engine and the sounds that come from the vehicle and even the smells that you perceive. If you spot something strange, take care of your car.

Follow these tips and let your pre-owned be with you for many years to come!