¿Qué pasa antes de la salida a las pistas de la Gran Carrera?

What happens before the start of the Race?

You have already seen what happens during and after the start, but have you ever wondered what happens before the races? Know the details that teams have to take care of before hitting the slopes.

There is a lot to do before the checkered flag is waved at every race. Fine-tuning, taking care of every detail, and being extra cautious can make the difference between a victory and a defeat. For that reason, there must be adequate starting coordination. At this crucial moment, a mistake can cause consequences in the race. Here we tell you what happens in the pits of the Red Bull Racing Honda team before the race begins:

60 minutes before

1 hour before starting training in the pit lane, all teams must bring the material they need and check that nothing is missing: tires, carts full of tools, generators, lubricants, antifreeze, etc. Meanwhile, in the garage, the team of mechanics checks that everything works and prepares the car to leave.

40 minutes before

The reconnaissance lap is carried out. The drivers and team prepare to make a move from the garage to the starting grid. This is the last chance to test the car and get information about the track.

F1 race car

30 minutes before

Two things happen at this point. The driver reaches the back of the grid and may have a moment to speak to the racing engineer. Simultaneously, the race conditions report is made to make adjustments to the strategy and the car as needed. Thus, the vehicle goes through the checklist to show that it is ready for the race. The team then fires the car on the grid to warm up the entire system.

Scheco Perez

14 minutes before

After listening to the hymn and while the vehicle warms up, the tires are fitted. The guests are evicted and the pilot prepares for the race.

5 minutes before

At this point, only 8 team members are allowed on the grid. The tires are ready, the pilot ensures that the radio and the systems work.

race car driver

1 minute before

The engine starts, glow plugs are removed, and the pilot goes into formation. All ready to run!

Recognition lap

Also known as the warm-up, formation or parade lap. In this lap, the cars start from the grid, go around the track and return to the grid in formation to start the race.