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What do they do to my car in the service and how do I know if I already have to take it?

When you launch a car, what you want most is for it to stay in top condition for as long as possible. To achieve this, it is essential to follow your car manual to the letter (it almost always comes in the glove compartment) and to obey the service periods established by your agency. You can do it directly at the agency or with a trusted mechanic workshop.

It is with this preventive maintenance that you can reduce failures, and thus, save unnecessary expenses in the future.

What to check at each visit? Here we tell you.

Tuning service

This service is generally the one performed first and should happen in the first year (don't forget to check the manufacturer's recommendation). In general, the spark plugs, oil and fuel filters are changed, the valves and throttle body are cleaned. We advise you to also take the opportunity to refill all fluids, such as brakes, windshield and transmission.

Mecánico haciendo revisión a automóvil en servicio de mantenimiento

Alignment and balancing service:

This service, which is ideally carried out once a year or every year and a half at the most, aims to verify that the direction of the car is correct, tires are in good condition and the car is driven safely.

Alineación y balanceo de neumáticos

You too can get involved in preventive maintenance!

Don't forget to check all four tires on your car at least every year. You can do this! You just need to check the tread on the tire and make sure it is not faded. And if there is wear, it must be even on all four tires. If not, you should perform a swing as soon as possible.

Llanta de automóvil sobre terracería