Engine coolant and oil icon

What do the icons on your board mean?

Surely you have noticed that on the dashboard of your car there are different figures that light up in different colors. These are indicators that serve to alert you when something inside your car needs special attention, so it is important to know what it is about to take care of your vehicle and even your safety. Do you know what all the icons mean?

Here's what they mean:

Luces de tablero de auto rojas

Some of them come on when you are about to start the vehicle, but after a few seconds, the indicators disappear from the dashboard. This is a sign that the systems are ready, and you can start driving.

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You are probably more familiar with some, such as the parking brake, which comes on when it is activated or the doors open, which alerts you when a door needs to be closed.

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Some others, such as Engine Coolant and Oil Pressure, may require you to take immediate maintenance steps to prevent your vehicle from sustaining significant damage.

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Familiarize yourself with these icons to take care of your safety and your vehicle’s. If your dashboard indicates an alert and requires the help of an expert, you can find your nearest Mobil™ Service Station here.