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These are the most challenging tracks in the world

The Race is probably the most popular motorsport competition in the world, and the circuits where it takes place are special to test the skills of the most prepared drivers.

Around the world, there are different tracks to organise this sport. Each one of them has particular conditions that make it unmatched, whether due to the climate, height, or design of its curves. However, some circuits stand out for being especially challenging and here are some of them:


Located 20 kilometers north of Milan, this track allows riders to reach speeds of up to 360 km/h due to its long straights. Here the drivers are on full throttle for most of the lap. It is the fastest circuit of the season and one of the few remaining classics.

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The circuit has been renovated. However, it is still feared by the drivers. It's a big and dangerous track with difficult corners that require levels of downforce that increase pressure. It has been characterized from its origins by the unpredictability of the meteorological conditions since it often rains in some areas of the circuit while others stay dry. Spa did not return to the Race calendar until 1983 when it shortened its length by 7 kilometers.

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This street circuit has been part of the competition since its origins in 1950. The Monaco track is the one that every pilot yearns to conquer. On this track, the pilot faces the enormous difficulty of not hitting the walls of the narrow streets that he travels. At the beginning, only some parts of the circuit were reinforced with barriers, but with the passage of time and some modifications to its layout, it has become safer.

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Changes in temperature, friction and speed are challenges that drivers must often deal with. But have you given a thought about how these conditions affect vehicles? That is why the teams use the most advanced technological developments in their cars to continue putting the movement on the track.

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The Red Bull Racing Honda team, in partnership with Mobil™, applies Mobil 1™ lubricant to protect the car's engine during these exciting races. Specialized ExxonMobil engineers are tasked with developing a lubricant that reduces friction and cools the engine, bringing it to peak performance on the world's most challenging racetracks.