Antes de la emoción de la Gran Carrera, las pruebas de la pretemporada permiten hacer ajustes finales para que todo funcione a la perfección.

The Tests Behind the Race

What happens in the preseason tests of the Race?

Before the excitement of the Race, preseason testing allows for final adjustments to keep things running smoothly.

Every year, the teams present their new teams. But to get to that point, there is a lot of effort and dedication, putting the reliability and speed of each vehicle to test.

The preseason tests are held during the month of February and consist of around 6 days prior to the start of the season.

In these tests, the time in which the pilot travels the circuit is carefully measured and all the actions carried out are monitored. In addition, teams of engineers and mechanics perform complete physical inspections and analysis on the car. It is in these moments when teams of experts, such as ExxonMobil engineers behind the Red Bull Racing Honda team, can test and improve the technology that will accompany the rider on the track, such as the fuel and lubricant that powers the racing cars.

Oil splash

In the labs, Mobil™ brand engineers carefully analyze the tests of Mobil 1™ lubricant and Mobil Synergy™ racing fuel, ensuring that each drop is suitable for the racing engine, protecting it and enhancing its power.

The speed test results are also analyzed by different media, who share notes and reports about what happened. The preseason is crucial for the teams. It is the ideal time to test the technological advances in engines, lubricants and fuels. Moreover, it gives a small preview of what we will be seeing on the tracks.

racing car

In these tests, a simulation of the race is also carried out so that the teams and drivers become familiar with each other and the team is fully prepared for the season.