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We asked Gene Hammerle, an Advanced Engineer, for Automotive Lubricants, based at ExxonMobil's Global Research & Engineering Center in Paulsboro, NJ, to help drivers understand why using a synthetic engine oils like Mobil 1™ is a much better option than using conventional oils. 

“One of the greatest challenges for engine oil is to protect critical engine parts during cold weather start-ups.” 

“When temperatures fall below the freezing point of 0°C conventional oils quickly thicken and begin to lose their "pumpability", which is the oil's ability to be circulated through the engine by the oil pump. During limited or no oil pumping through the engine, critical engine parts will not be properly lubricated and can develop wear as engine parts come in contact with each other.”

“So, if you happen to drive in cold weather climates one way to protect your vehicle's engine is to use fully synthetic engine oil, such as Mobil 1.” 

Gene Hammerle and the Mobil 1 Research Team have conducted several proof-of-performance tests at the company's Paulsboro Technology Center that highlight the ability of Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil to provide valuable engine protection at low temperatures. 

“A recent cold pour demonstration used to determine fluidity at -40C degrees showed that Mobil 1's resistance to thickening even at that low temperature would enable the oil to get to critical engine parts soon after the car starts. On the other hand, the conventional oil was not pourable at this temperature. This indicates that Mobil 1's protection capabilities are further exemplified even in the coldest of climates, making it the ideal choice for cold weather driving.” 

“Mobil 1 engineers also incorporate a cold chamber into their testing program, where temperatures can be dropped as low as -37C degrees. The chamber allows the engineers to test the ability of Mobil 1 to perform a cold start after several hours in extreme cold conditions. The vehicle seen exiting the cold chamber in the video below has just successfully completed a cold start test after sitting in the chamber for more than eight hours at -37C degrees.”

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