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Worried about your bike’s health?

Javed and SlowCheeta have all the answers!
  • Banishing sludge

    Banishing sludge

    Keep your bike healthy by keeping it sludge-free, with an engine oil that has antioxidants

  • Reducing friction

    Reducing friction

    Friction reduces the power output of your engine – and only the right engine oil can prevent it from happening.

  • Engine protection

    Engine protection

    Keeping your engine running smoothly under extreme pressure requires an engine oil that is designed to handle such circumstances.

  • Engine temperature

    Engine temperature

    If your bike suffers from starting troubles in the morning, then you may need to switch to a better engine oil.

  • Better performance

    Better performance

    Your bike can run like new year over year, if you use an engine oil that keeps engine healthy.

  • car oil products desktop


    Each bottle of oil is the product of years of research and development. Find a range of engine oils suitable for your car, keeping your engine protected in all conditions. 

  • Bike in desert

    Bike and scooter

    Give your bike or scooter the care it deserves with engine oil specifically engineered for the unique requirements of two-wheeler engines and transmissions. Mobil™ oils are available for use in any riding conditions.

  • Indian truck

    Bus and truck

    Keep your truck, bus or fleet protected with high-quality engine oils. Select the right oil for your heavy-duty vehicle and reap the benefits with Mobil™.