Why select synthetics

Why select Synthetics  - Video Series

In these educational videos we would like to demonstrate core characteristics of high-quality base stocks we use in our lubricants. Those improved properties of advanced fluids can significantly influence the operating life of your critical equipment as well as maintenance and overall operating expenses on the business side (total cost of ownership). The better your knowledge about lubricants, the easier to make weighted decision on your lubricants selection and purchasing decision journey.

Lubrication Basics video

In this video you will learn what are the key functions of lubricants and their main tasks in order to protect your equipment

Synthetics versus Mineral oils

In that video you can get some basic information on why synthetic oils are better than mineral ones.

Lubricant composition

Learn how formulators of finished lubricants are taking into considerations 2 core components: base stock and additives.

Base stocks categories

Explore 5 groups of base stocks which could be used in finished lubricants and understand performance you can get from them.

Polyalphaolefins we trust

Have a look at Group IV synthetic base stocks we use in our products and understand benefits of the metallocene PAO.

Oxidative stability

Learn how oxidative stability of the base stock can help to improve oil life and provide better protection of your equipment.


This animated video describes how volatility of base stock can contribute to higher oil consumption and impact overall performance.

Viscosity index

In this video you will learn about this very important aspect of the base stock and how VI (viscosity index) can bring you performance value.


It’s not an easy task for formulators to provide mutual solubility between main synthetic base stock and additives. Learn how they overcome it.


Water and oil can create quite a dangerous environment for the most applications. Learn how base stocks can manage this challenge

Seal compatibility

Oil leaking is quite a common problem at certain industrial plants. Quite often it may happen due to poor seal compatibility. Learn more about this topic.


Have you ever experienced foaming issue in your equipment lube systems? Then it’s time to learn on this issue from our animated video.

Air release

It’s not possible to avoid air in the oil. But if it’s too much air in the oil, it can bring a lot of issues to your equipment performance. Explore this topic further.

Off highway

Learn from this video which benefits you can get from using synthetic based lubricants in your heavy duty machines working in a harsh environment.