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Care and maintenance tips during lockdown

Machines under long shutdown require additional care upon startup. Here are some tips to ensure your machines and your business picks up right from where it left off.
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    Cutting oils

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Stay protected to strengthen productivity

Performance matters - But not the cost of your safety. Follow the seven simple measures to ensure you, and productivity are in good shape
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    7means safe

    Are you an all-rounder when it comes to safety? You can be by simply following the seven safety commandments.

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    Save your head

    Staying ahead starts with saving your head. Wear a helmet at all times.

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    Protect your hearing

    Make a sound move to save your hearing. Protect your ears at all times.

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    Safety gloves

    When safety is in your hands, your hands need to be protected. Always wear safety gloves when handling heavy machinery.

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    Watch out for spills

    Slides are for playgrounds, not factory floors. Make sure you don’t slip and slide on an oil spill.

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    Eye safety

    There is more to safety than meets the eye. That’s why you should keep them protected.

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    Be seen be safe

    Don’t be in the dark when it comes to safety. Get into the right gear and set a shining example.

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    Mask for safety

    Don’t put off workplace safety measures – put them on instead. Always wear a safety mask. 

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    Safety boots

    Always put your best feet forward. But first make sure they are protected.

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    Personal protective equipment

    Ensure all-round protection by following the seven safety commandments.


Maintaining your equipment

We understand that your equipment drives your livelihood. Proper truck maintenance can reduce running costs, boost uptime, get the job done right and improve the reputation of your business. Help keep your trucks running stronger – for longer. See what our bumper-to-bumper Mobil Delvac™ product range and longstanding industry expertise can do for you.
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    Mobil Delvac™

    Explore Mobil Delvac 1™ and Mobil Delvac™ products – including engine oils, transmission fluids and gear oils – by the most recognized leader in advanced heavy-duty lubricants.

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    The history of Mobil Delvac™ 

    A lot of things have changed since 1925, when Mobil Delvac™ became one of the world’s first diesel engine oils. Read on to know more about the history behind Mobil Delvac™ 

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