Manufacturing Success Stories

Plastic factory

Mobil DTE 25 & MSLA program helped extend ODI over 8 years in FMI Injection molding machines resulting in a cumulative savings of USD 49,776, making a great success story for our customer.


RC Plasto Tanks & Pipes is Central India’s leading and fastest growing manufacturer of water storage tanks, PVC, CPVC, HDPE pipes and fittings & sprinkler pipes. The fittings section has 15 FMI IMM’s of different tonnage being added from 2009 onwards manufacturing 600 types of items from over 425 mold types with a capacity of 1,00,000 tonnes per annum.


ExxonMobil recommended RC Plasto Tanks & Pipes to use Mobil DTE 25 for the hydraulic system of the injection moulding machines for achieving maximum productivity and enhanced equipment performance. ExxonMobil team also implemented MSLA for regular condition monitoring, on-site training on best practices on storage, handling & filtration.


Mobil DTE 25 has a balanced formulation providing exceptional wear protection, outstanding oxidation stability and super clean performance. This, coupled with regular monitoring of oil condition, equipment wear and contamination levels with Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis program and through excellent maintenance practices at site, has helped achieve an ODI of over 8 years with minimal failures of pumps and valves. As a result, downtime has been reduced, leading to a total saving of USD 49,776.
Our customer reviews are always in the form of the quantifiable impact that we create. This is one of the many examples of how we have extended our services to ensure that our customer’s every endeavour is a success story