Mobilgrease XHP 462 and Mobil planned engineering services helped to achieve 2x re-greasing interval and reduced the bearing failure by 50 percent in Newfield make TMT Rolling Mill Stands, resulting in cumulative savings of USD 662,557 annually

Steel factory

Equipment: Roughing, Intermediate & Finishing Roll Stands (Newfield)
Plant: Rathi Steel (India) Pvt. Ltd. (lcon Steel)
Address: Jalna, Maharashtra


Rathi Steel Pvt. Ltd. (lcon Steel) Jalna based TMT manufacturing unit, has No Twist Block Mill with Roughing, Intermediate & Finishing Roll Stands of Newfield Make. These stands operate to reduce billet cross section moving at speeds upto 20 m/sec & 2000 RPM. Mill stand roller bearings were being lubricated with a conventional EP2 grease and were facing high re-greasing intervals with an average of 1 stand roller bearing replacement in a year.


After conducting a thorough investigation of the equipment and operating environment, ExxonMobil engineers recommended using Mobilgrease XHP 462 and established re-lubrication interval based on feed rate studies in roll stand bearings. Formulated with advanced Lithium Complex thickener technology, Mobilgrease XHP 462 is specially designed to excel in water saturated applications found in steel mill environments, resulting in extended re-lubrication interval and bearing life enhancement.

  • Hour exposure reduction – 322 Hours
  • Environmental Improvement - 6480 kgs
  • Revenue Improvement – USD 662,557 

With excellent wear protection and water resistant characteristics, Mobilgrease XHP 462 succeeded in providing adequate lubrication and protection even in the presence of water. Based on feed rate study and grease performance monitoring, the company reported that Mobilgrease XHP 462 bearing grease has helped reduce grease consumption as well as associated production downtime by 50%. Furthermore, the downtime associated with mill stand bearing failure was reduced to half. Hence, Mobilgrease XHP 462 helped the customer with reduction in re-greasing downtime, streamlining maintenance cost and improving productivity along with an annual saving of USD 662,557.

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