Mobil DTE 26 Ultra enabled 3X increase in oil drain interval and filter life for rock breaker application

Rockbreaker in a site

Equipment: JCB Rockbreaker
Plant: GT Construction
Address: Rajasthan


Severe heavy duty operational conditions limited the hydraulic oil drain interval and filter life to 500 hrs in a rock breaker application. This resulted in lower productivity and high maintenance cost.


Mobil Field Engineering Services (FES) team conducted application assessment study and recommended the use of Mobil DTE 26 Ultra (ISO VG 68) hydraulic oil to prevent rapid oil oxidation and deposit formation. They also recommended monitoring the oil and equipment performance regularly with Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis (MSLA).

  • Revenue Improvement – INR 2,41,067
1. ODI and filter life increased from 500 hrs to 1500 hrs.
2. Oil consumption reduced by 560 ltrs annually per equipment.
3. Man hours for maintenance reduced by 40 hours.

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