Mobil SHC™ 632 and ExxonMobil Field Engineering Services (FES) has delivered 1percent improved energy efficiency and 4X extended ODI in the Fan Gear box for an annual savings of USD 5729.

Fan Gear Boxes

Equipment: Premium transmission gear gearbox
Plant: Chettinad Cements Ltd.
Address: Karikkali, Tamil Nadu

Chettinad Cements’ fan gear boxes were lubricated by conventional mineral based gear oil ISO VG 320. The oil was unable to withstand at EHL regime resulting in shearing and had to be replaced at every 2000 hours of operation. The viscosity reduction in the lubricant was identified through SIGNUM Used Oil Analysis. The lubricant was also operating with elevated temperatures due to contamination.

ExxonMobil Field Engineering Services (FES) has studied the application and recommended Mobil SHC™ 632, a PAO based ISO VG 320 Oil with greater Viscometrics (high viscosity index) & low traction coefficients which ensures better film thickness in high temperature & good flow-ability in low temperature to achieve optimum energy efficiency, lower gearbox temperature & extended oil drain interval. Post changeover to Mobil SHC™ 632 ExxonMobil FES also offered services like SIGNUM UOA, Thermal Inspection to ascertain the condition of equipment and the lubricant. Fluke Power logger was used to monitor the energy consumption of the gearbox.

  • Increased energy efficiency – 1%
  • Temperature reduction – 3°C
  • Revenue improvement – USD 5729

After implementing ExxonMobil’s recommendation in Fan Gear box, the customer has experienced 1% increased energy efficiency with 3°C reduction in gearbox temperature and extended oil drain interval by 4 times which had resulted in overall annual savings of USD $5729 (INR 355,200) when extended to all the Fan gearboxes at their plant in Karikali.

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