Metalworking fluids

Mobilcut™ Series metalworking fluids can help provide you with excellent performance in your arduous machining operations. Learn more.

Our Mobilcut™ Series metalworking fluids are water-soluble cutting fluids formulated with high levels of lubricity additives designed for machining a wide range of metals. These biostable, chlorine-free fluids are particularly suitable for aluminum alloys used in the automotive industry.

Offering the right balance between cooling and lubricity, these metalworking fluids deliver excellent tool life and surface finish, which can help reduce tool regrinding and component rejects.

Mobilcut Series metalworking fluids also offer the following benefits for modern machining:
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Excellent performance even in high pressure systems
  • Potential to consolidate products and reduce inventories
  • Natural odor enhances the workplace environment