10 reasons to choose Mobil 1™ Synthetic Engine Oil

A great engine oil should work harder to keep your car, truck, van or SUV running smoothly. Mobil offers engine oil technology to just this. As The World's Leading Synthetic Engine Oil, Mobil 1 features a Proprietary Multi-Layer Anti-Wear Technology that provides performance beyond conventional engine oils, offering your engine the Mobil difference. The technology allows Mobil 1 to exceed the toughest standards of Japanese, European and U.S. car builders and provides exceptional protection against engine wear, even in extreme heat, cold and challenging driving conditions. Learn about the benefits of synthetic engine oils and how Mobil 1 is different.
  • Unsurpassed engine protection

    Unsurpassed engine protection 

    • A proprietary, high-performance additive system that offers unparalleled engine protection. 
    • Keeps your engine in virtually the same condition as new. 
    • Provides protection even when the engine is under heavy stress, such as pulling trailers and carrying full loads. 

  • Superior resistance to high temperatures

    Superior resistance to high temperature

    • High temperatures can oxidize lubricants, causing oil to thicken, making it harder to pump around the engine, thereby increasing engine wear and decreasing engine efficiency. 
    • Mobil 1’s robust antioxidant system provides better resistance than conventional oils, even up to 200°C. 

  • Great low temperature performance

    Great low-temperature performance 

    • When the engine is switched on, conventional oils take some time to circulate, allowing friction between unlubricated parts to cause wear. 
    • In contrast, Mobil 1™ pumps quickly, and circulates easily even down to 50°C, protecting all the moving parts in the engine. 

  • exceptional cleaning power

    Exceptional cleaning power 

    • Mobil 1 contains a uniquely balanced additive system for outstanding protection against deposits and sludge for a cleaner engine. 
    • In laboratory tests, we switched an American vehicle and European vehicle, which had been running with conventional mineral oil to Mobil 1. Following 14,000 miles of driving with Mobil 1 at recommended oil drain intervals, the vehicles returned to near showroom levels of cleanliness. 

  • Lower oil consumption

    Lower oil consumption 

    • Achieves greater resistance to oil burn-off and evaporation for lower oil consumption. 
    • A 200,000 miles comparison test showed Mobil 1 consumption is only 1/8th of a premium brand of conventional. 

  • Surpasses manufacturers specification

    Surpasses manufacturers’ specification 

    • Mobil 1 exceeds standards set by carmakers, the oil industry and other industry groups across the world. 

  •  Original car builders recognition

    Original car builders’ recognition 

    • Mobil 1 is chosen by many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. 
    • Mobil 1 is factory-filled in selected Porsche, Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin models, as well as the Nissan GT-R and McLaren MP4-12C. 

  • Increased engine life

    Increased engine life 

    • Increases the life of engines, even those in older vehicles or with high mileage. 
    • Powerful cleaning agents keep piston rings clean and prevent them from sticking, to help maintain engine efficiency.
    (Note: Mobil 1 cannot correct an existing engine problem) 

  • Proven performance

    Proven performance 

    • Mobil 1 technology has passed high-stress tests and endurance trials of up to 1.6 million kilometers: Million Miles in 1990, Drive Around the World in 2003, Las Vegas Taxi Cabs in 2005, Drive Around Australia in 2006. 
    • In short, even the earlier generations of Mobil 1, extensive long-term car testing confirmed Mobil 1’s ability to keep an engine running ‘like new’ after as many as 1.6 million kilometers! 

  • Improved fuel economy

    Improved fuel economy 

    • During the warm up period of a typical car journey, conventional oils are thicker and mover slower, making the engine less efficient and more thirsty. Because Mobil 1 works much faster, the engine reaches peak operating efficiency much sooner. 
    • Mobil 1’s robust antioxidant system resists oxidation and oil thickening better than conventional oils, resulting in lower friction and better fuel economy.