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Bentley Motors and Mobil 1™ Collaboration

Mobil 1 and Bentley Motors have worked hand-in-hand for over a decade to ensure that every engine powering the world’s most sought after luxury cars is able to supply a seamless performance and continually surpass any demand that it is placed under.
In a joint pursuit of excellence, years of collaborative research and development have resulted in a high specification lubricant which is able to operate effectively under significant pressure and defy extremes in temperature, spanning the heat of the Sahara to the sub-zero conditions of the Arctic. Every Bentley that leaves the production line has the perfect balance of unrivalled luxury and performance – and Mobil 1 is a vital component in bringing that performance to life.

On the track

With proven performance on the road, the natural evolution for Mobil 1 and Bentley Motors was to transfer the same unrivalled know-how and expertise to the track. Bentley’s return to motorsport in the 2013 Blancpain GT Series signalled the beginning of a new dimension to the brands’ relationship which has seen Mobil 1 as technical partner, power the Bentley Continental GT3 racecar to numerous podium finishes across the globe.

Bentley’s V8 motorsport-prepared engine is therefore filled with Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil, to ensure maximum engine protection and performance in the gruelling environment of endurance racing.
Bentley Explicitly Recommends Mobil 1
Bentley recommends only fully synthetic Mobil 1 engine oil to its customers as a service-fill lubricant reflecting a continued commitment to uncompromising performance and engine reliability.

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