Mobilgear SHC increase efficiency for Cememt Company


The cement industry is the building block of the construction industry. It takes a variety of equipment — at the quarry and the processing plant — to manufacture cement, and it’s important to keep that equipment operating at peak condition. 
We offer a wide range of Mobil™ industrial lubricants that protect equipment from the harsh conditions common in quarries and cement mills. From rock drills, haul trucks and conveyors to mills, kilns and crushers, our lubricants offer protection to keep your equipment performing at the highest level.  
We also provide innovative services and programs, such as Mobil Serv℠ Engineering Services, to help keep your quarry and cement processing plant operating more efficiently, while also reducing costs, improving productivity, enhancing safety and lowering your environmental impact. 
  • Cement industry lubricants brochure

    Cement industry product reference chart

    Learn which Mobil™ industrial lubricants best fit your applications. 

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  • Factory with piping

    Mobil SHC 632 helped cement company achieve increase in energy efficiency 

    After switching over to Mobil SHC 632 synthetic gear oil, the company recorded 5.67% increase in energy efficiency and also observed reduction in the reclaimer gearbox operating temperature. 

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  • Engineer giving training


    Learn how ExxonMobil™  Mobil Serv℠ technical services can help provide your business with expert insights and optimized maintenance.

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  • thermographic inspection infographic

    Thermography inspection

    Expert thermographic inspections can help avoid operational downtime by identifying potential equipment and lubricant issues.

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